Crushing On COS



I’ve shopped from COS for years now but I have to say there are times where I love their pieces and then times not so much. This Autumn, i’m loving their collection and particularly their take on classic chino trousers! I knew I had to get me a pair but it was just deciding which pair to choose. I love the wide pair, the relaxed pair and then the pair with button detail on. But it was the pair with the button detailing on that I finally settled with and they are currently on their way to their new home, with me. As always the COS knitwear is also on it’s A game right now and I couldn’t help but add this ribbed grey knitted cardigan into the cart along with the trousers. Now all I need is a pair of white shoes to complete the look!


Take care,

Daniella xox



Cardigan HERE & Trousers HERE






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