Logic Speaks Logic: The Performance That Moved Me

Last weekend my boyfriend showed me the amazing song and video by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and then showed me their live performance for the MTV VMA Awards. Half way through I was crying and by the end I was sobbing. Now in fairness I am in touch with my emotions, so shedding a tear over something that has the ability to make me feel isn’t abnormal but like I said I was sobbing and yes, it may have been the jet lag but I believe it was Logic’s powerful message he ended his performance with that truly evoked that level of emotion. He understands the power in prevention rather then cure and told a story that reflects the success of prevention. In a time that currently feels so backwards in so many ways, in a time where power is misused and rights are taken away, it was unbelievably refreshing, uplifting and not to mention much needed to see someone stand up and say what so much of us feel. It moved me in the same way that Ariana Grande’s One Love concert moved me. To see my generation and the next understand what love, acceptance and understanding truly means no matter the race, sex, sexuality or religion is, is something that can give us all hope for the future of humanity. Now we just need for the older generation and more importantly the older generation that is in power to recognise this and rethink their approach when it comes to positive change for our children and our children’s, children.

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