Today’s Look: The Unlikely Pairing




Combining some unlikely characters in todays style post. I bought both this top by Isabel Marant and these Adidas men’s jogger pants a good while ago now but for whatever reason, it was only recently that I was able to create the opportunity to wear them. When I first put the top on to wear that day, I had intended on wearing it with a white mid-length for some modern ladylike vibes but of the glorious British weather was being rather mischievous that day, playing i’m hot when the sun shines but freezing when the wind blows, yeah you know the game. So with my personal preference to stay warm, I went in a completely different direction and took a bit of a risk. I styled this beautiful silk top, that’s definitely on the dressier side of style and teamed it with a classic pair of Adidas original (mens) joggers, keeping the accessorising minimal but with character.


The Shoes I felt a little conflicted about but in the end I committed to the mules and I think the burgundy breaks it up nicely yet subtlety. For some I expect that this is combination of conflicting styles too far but for me it seems perfectly fitting for me and my taste, combining elements of style from sporty basics, to ladylike classics with a hint of modernism.


Maybe you’ll like it and if you do, then feel free to comment and let me know!


Take care,

Daniella xox







Black Eyewear Cat Eye Sunglasses

Isabel Marant Top

Stella McCartney Earring

(mens) Adidas Joggers

(old) Stella McCartney Mules




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