You Know When Your Bag Is Too Big When this Happens..




Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. Today’s look is a pretty simple one, I wore it a few weeks ago and for a shopping day in our local town to pick up bits for our holiday but mostly to do some holiday clothes shopping for Conan (Boyfriend). So with that in mind and the grey skies once again, I kept it classic and simple with srunken sweater and some loose fitting cream jeans. I took the opportunity to take my new Superga’s out for a spin, I have lusted over superga plimsoles for the last few years but could never settle on a colour option.


I have finally landed on the Ecru colour with the raffia sole edging. The thing is, this colour looks chic whilst the shoes are all new and shiny but will they be such a wise choice once I have scuffed them up, which lets face it, is likely to be inevitable. Only time will tell. I also wanted to talk about this bag. See I took it with me that day because I thought it would come in handy for putting my shopping in, better then gathering loads of plastic bags but the question I ended up asking myself was “when is a big bag too big?” This was answered pretty quickly in the middle of the shampoo isle in Boots (a British drug store chain) when I accidently took out the woman behind me with my bag! Okay that’s sounds a little exaggerated but the big bag did hit her and it was slightly embarrassing when I had to apologise on me and my bags behalf. Though secretly I did find this situation slightly hilarious, I think from now on I’ll keep my basket bag for times when I won’t be heading into shops because it seems that no one is safe when this big fella is around.



Take care and have a wonderful week,

Daniella xox






Marks &Spencer (boys) Sweater

(old) Levi Jeans

TK MAXX Basket Bag

Superga Shoes


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