Taking A Closer Look At The Aloha Shirt




The Hawaiian shirt has become somewhat of summer staple for me the last couple of years, I don’t Know why but I have definitely come rely quite a bit on this shirt in particular. It’s a men’s shirt by Edwin and I bought it a couple of years ago and if you’ve followed my outfit posts enough, you’ll be familiar with this piece. Though the print of this shirt may not be a traditional looking Hawaiian shirt when it comes to colours and design, what I do appreciate is that I recently learned that it was indeed a Japanese tailor who moved to Honolulu that  supposedly came up with the idea to what is also known as the Aloha shirt. Yep, a very brief history lesson here! Apparently he would use Japanese materials when it came to designing his shirts and the relevant part of this for today’s post is that this Edwin shirt and the classic Hawaiin shirt both have Japanese materials in common and that pretty cool. So even though this shirt may not have the colourful, classic nature of the original hawaiian shirt, it does share Japanese roots.


For today’s outfit, I styled the shirt with some chinos to keep to a classic and slightly androgynous tone but then gave it a feminine, retro twist with the peep toe kitten heels and cat eye sunnies.


I hope you like the look. Take care and wishing you a wonderful week,

Daniella xox










Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) Edwin Hawaiian Shirt

(old) Topshop  Chinos

(old) Red Marks & Spencer Shoes


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