Revisiting The Red Bombshell Dress





Continuing with my ever growing adoration for red, in today’s style post, I’m wearing a rather old dress of mine that I dug out a few weeks back. and becaus it’s not a piece I wear often, it kinda always ends up feeling like new when I do wear and style it into an outfit of mine. The fit is faultless and undeniably flattering, whilst the retro-inspired design feels updated with its subtle printing.


Though I have not felt the need or desire to style many layered summer looks and have definitly felt drawn to a more simplistic athletic this year, I have to admit the idea of teaming this red dress, which takes on a very feminine shape and design and styling it with a men’s striped shirt was very appealing to me. I felt the concept worked in reality and so I went with it. Adding in some somewhat out there sandals and accessories to keep things cheery and summery because let us not forget that the is still August regardless to what the British weather might suggest


You can still buy the bombshell dress Here in various colours and prints, so check it out.



Take care lovelies and wishing you a great weekend.

Daniella xox






Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) Marks & Spencer Shirt

 (old) Dress

Marks & Spencer Sandals


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