Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About These….







The Other day when I was looking on Asos, I came across the cargo trousers in the first photo and i’m really freaked out because I can’t stop thinking about them, but why?! At first I thought I was just having a freaky moment but then I found myself thinking about them a lot and considering buying them because they are £25.00 and if I don’t really get much wear out of them then it dent’s matter too much. But then I remember I always like to imagine at least three ways to style whatever item it is that I am contemplating at the time. This is the thing though, I can’t get my head around how I would style them and now i’ve actually searched out cargo trousers on Asos, i’ve found more style I like and styles that I think I would have an easier job styling. I sitll like the dream coloured one but I have to say those printed ones have also very much caught my attention.


I think I going to mull this one over for a little bit longer and just hope that there isn’t some mad rush for cargo trousers in the mean time, so that if and when I do make up my mind that I would like to purchase a pair, I find that they are all sold out. What do you think? Yay or just plain and simple NO?


Let me know. Take care,

Daniella xox



Cargo Trousers All Via Asos – HERE


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