A Powerful Image With A Powerful Message



I wanted to post this image because when I first came across it on Instagram a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head! I think because the image is so strong and visually very impactful, its stayed at the forefront of my mind. It displays something I’m very strongly against, verbal abuse to children and how damaging I believe it to be! If there is something I would like to achieve in life, it’s helping bring awareness to how our words can be either very powerful to a child’s wellbeing and future or completely detrimental, depending on how conscious one is of the words they use. Children are so beautifully minded and innocent and we must protect that from not only physically abusive people but emotionally and verbally too.

As an example It can be as simple as saying “you’re being Naughty” as opposed to “you’re behaviour is naughty” and I know how easily this can be forgotten, god knows I’ve slipped with saying this to my nephews on more then one occasion but if you tell a kid he/she is naughty all the time, they start to believe they’re bad kids and then all sorts of other negative thoughts and traits have the potential to follow. As long as we can check ourselves and be aware of the words we use and how they may be damaging, then at least it’s a start. There’s no room for ego when it comes to raising children.

Children are mostly a reflection of behaviour, emotions and words they hear and see on a regular basis. So let’s make sure that our words are kind, our emotions show empathy and our behaviour is loving.

Take care,





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