Summer Whites & Why You Don’t Have To Shop To Create New Style





I feel like it’s been a hoT minute, maybe even five since I last did a summer whites look and so here’s one I made earlier. The clothes for instance, the top and trousers ( oh and also the shoes but they were only last years) are pieces I’ve had for years. The knitted top is warehouse, whilst the trousers are Isabel Marant and I can’t believe I’ve not paired the two together before now, as they are like a creamy mix made from heaven. This is a prime example of why you don’t always have to be buying new clothes to create new looks. Now, I love shopping and new clothes as much as the next style lover but there are always new ways to update what you’ve already got without hitting the shops and damaging your finances.

Pinterest, tumblr’s, street style blogs or any style blogs for that matter and not to forget insta and fashion magazines are for me personally still a quick and easy way to make me rethink my style approach to wearing and styling what I already have in my wardrobe. As quite often when I see looks on the internet or in magazines, they remind me of items that I own and this can inspire me to try wearing them in ways or with other items in combinations that I hadn’t yet already thought of and I love that. It’s like style recycling, taking something older and making use of it in a way that feels new. Though I said you don’t have to resort to going shopping to create a new look, I will say that if you still feel like you can’t put together a new outfit with what you already own, a good friend once taught me what a couple of good new accessories can do to an existing outfit and it’s very true. You can do so by investing in some new sunnies, a scarf or some jewellery but if you’re not in the position to spend a small fortune then there is so much readily available on the high street. The high street shops are incredibly up to date now and usually at more then fair prices. So next time you need a little style update remember it’s as easy as a new pair of cat frame sunnies or simple re-working why you already have.

I hope you you today’s outfit and post. Take care,

Daniella a xox






Black Eyewear Sunglasses – Shop HERE

(old) Warehouse Knit

(old) Isabel Marant Trousers – love these HERE & HERE

Stella McCartney Mules – Similar HERE

Vintage Bag



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