A Summer Staple: The Shirt-Dress




Whoa this week went quicker then I thought it would but hey ho, here we are. I think shirt dresses of some variation or another have and continue to be a summer staple for me. They are so easy and versatile and yet require minimal effort when it comes to styling them. Shirt dresses are light, chic and a style investment that will always pay off no matter how many different styles of the shirt dress you may buy. This one that I bought from Frame Denim a couple years back has served me well and though usually I style and wear as a dress, this time I wore it almost in a top-like form. I loved how it looked with the khaki trousers and black slides for a paired back look.

When I look back at these photos I somewhat do so with a heavy heart as when we were taking these photos we were witness to a mum being verbally, emotionally and at one point physically abusive to her very small girl. It was a hard decision to make to report this to the authorities but with the help and support of a dear friend I knew and felt very strongly it was something that I had to do. I contemplated not mentioning it on here but I think too often we turn our heads to things that are categorically wrong and I think that when it comes to people and their children, there is underlying problem that we shouldn’t interfere in the way they raise their children and whilst to an extent that is true, I also believe that all adults should strive to protect all children in whatever way we can. When something that disturbing happens, I think its justified to act on it in the best way we know how.

Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Daniella xox







Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

(old) FRAME Shirt Dress

(old) Light Before Dark Khaki Trousers

(old) Ally Capallino Bag

(old) Newbark Slides



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