To Living A More Purposeful Life



I’ve been noticing a lot recently that there is a percentage of the slightly younger generation who are clearly very board in life and are in need of finding their individual purpose but aren’t very willing to put effort into finding it. It’s like they want to start from ten rather then starting at one and working their way up. It’s also like they just want their life’s purpose to fall into their laps rather then actually applying themselves to any form of self discovery and then feeling all depressed when it doesn’t happen for them.  I know at this point, it may comes across as though I am being judgmental but I’m not, it’s just frustrating to watch because everyone is capable of living a purposeful life, you just have to be willing to put a bit of energy and have some self discipline into finding that. And I don’t mean just physically working for that, I mean mentally and spiritually too.


Let me explain. I believe to get closer to achieving a more purposeful life, it has to begin with oneself. I believe we have to really look at ourselves and take responsibility for our actions, recognise unhealthy habits, say sorry, forgive ourselves and others and just in general learn to be less angry, less judgmental and more forgiving. I know all of these things may seem far removed from finding ones purpose but think about it, if you can practice these things with true conviction, you will slowly but surly become less bogged down with negative emotions such as anger and judgment. You’ll be free of thoughts that are detrimental to your inner peace and happiness and when you are free of these things you are more open to having a happy and creative flow of thoughts and an overall more contented mentality. This is when, I believe you will start to discover what your purpose is.


Its a bit like when they say “you can’t find true love until you have true love for yourself”. Finding your purpose is a bit like that. How can you truly find your true purpose in life, a purpose that will bring you contentment, peace and self worth if you’re not those things already. It’s easy to get caught in a cycle where one feels sorry for oneself and becomes victimised by their belief that they can’t find their life purpose and then they question why that is and why others can but they can’t. But the answer is that they can. Yes for some it’s easier then others but you know, swings and roundabouts and there’s little point in getting caught up in waisting time feeling sorry for oneself because that is only going to slow the process down and that’s what I mean by holding ourselves accountable for our actions and thoughts. Because once we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we can then start to forgive ourselves, reprogram those destructive thoughts and beliefs and take charge in taking responsibility for our own happiness. Maybe it’s not just about finding our purpose but also a journey of living a more purposeful life in general.


Im not trying to sound like a know it all, honestly I’m not. I’m simply sharing something I have noticed in others and also sharing what I have found to work for me personally. Take what you will from that but I needed to speak this one through. I’m still very much working on myself too and though I’m further ahead then I was a year ago, I’ve still got a lot of inner work to do but the point is, I’m taking steps and I encourage anyone who has felt lost like I once did to do the same.


Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox










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