Modern-Feminine With The Shirtdress



Do you remember that time this summer when we were tricked into thinking we were actually going to blessed with a long hot summer? Lol, me too! Well before the what now feels like weeks of grey skies and rainy days kicked in we were having some lovely hot summer weather here in the U.K. and on one of those days when it was so warm, I could barely put together a thought of what to wear, as I just wanted to throw on a bikini and chill by a pool with a pina colada! But then I remembered I don’t have a swimming pool and it was too early for a pina colada (if there’s such a thing, if my mum is reading this, she’s definitely shaking her head with disappointment, saying it’s never too early!). So I went and had a look at my clothes rail and looked for something light, crisp and something with little fuss required. I pulled my trusty shirt dress that is always a bit of a go-to piece on those rare, British hot summer days. Usually I wear this shirt dress just as it is but this time I added a belt and rolled up the sleeves. This gave the piece a modern-feminine vibe and because I was having a “I hate all my sandals” day, I opted for my McCartney mules as what I consider to be a chicer alternative.

I hope you like this look and wishing a creative week ahead.

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) E.Tautz Shirt Dress – love this HERE, HERE & HERE

Stella McCartney Mules – love these HERE

Bag Via Vantage No.7 



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