Keep On Wondering














I’ve always been a dreamer, someone who wonders. In fact I have a tendency to be a little too dreamy, which is why lately I am learning to connect to my earth star chakra, to help keep me grounded as well as connected to all that divine earth energy. Anyway, as the years go by and I grow older, I find for myself that it’s even more important to keep that wonder in me alive as I believe it should be the case for all. As we grow older it can be so easy to get bogged down in the grown up worries that we believe we should be carrying as adults. We are at risk at becoming pessimistic because of the doom and gloom we are so often exposed to and the constrictive nature of “fitting in” that society wants the majority of us and our children to adhere to.

When we were kids it was easy for us to dream, wonder and use our imagination but I honestly don’t believe it has to stop at our childhood. It’s important to retain a sense of wonder, to dream and visualise a more abundant future for ourselves even if it seems impossible because trust me it’s more possible then you might think. I believe its good to challenge not just your own way of thinking from time to time but the thinking of those around you. Stay imaginative and creative because it’s naturally installed in each and every one of us and it can be incredibly uplifting. Also surround yourself with people who help and encourage you to keep that wonder in you alive.

This post was inspired by this rather cute Topshop sweater that I picked up in the sale!

Take care,

Daniella xox









Black Eyewear Sunglasses

Topshop Sweater

(old) Topshop Jeans

Reef flipflops


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