Take Me To The River




Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! You know what? I used to love Mondays, they honestly never bothered me and actually I enjoyed them because they always gave me a sense of normality after the weekend. Whilst I would never want to be ungrateful for any day that I’m lucky and grateful enough to have but since it’s basically a building site that I live on, I have now come to feel that eek in my stomach when I know that Monday is almost here. I guess because over the weekend, when there are no builders or building work going on it returns to a feeling of calm and more like my home again. I don’t want to just sit here moaning about it and I hope it doesn’t come across like that too much and in the mean time whilst I can’t just up and move home in this present moment, there are a few things I try and do to help me when it all starts to feel a bit much!

Something I try and do is get out and escape all that busy, masculine energy and go somewhere that brings peace, calm and clarity to my mind. That could mean a number of places to some people but for me nowhere brings me those qualities as much as being immersed in nature and especially by water. I feel so free there and I just imagine pouring my problems into the water and the water carrying those stresses and strains away. In the location where we took these photos is a perfect example of that. This river flows so beautifully.

Maybe this could be something you could keep in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed. Have you ever tried it? Or tell me what you do to find calm when things are feeling hectic around you.

Take care,

Daniella xox







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