Icons: Robin Williams


Robin Williams

Robin Williams


Robin williams

Robin Williams


Robin Williams

Robin Williams


It was a little while ago since I last did an Icons post and last time I focused on Johnny cash ( you can see it Here). For my second Icons post I wanted pay homage to the incredible Robin Williams.


I was talking about him with Conan (boyfriend) the other day and said to him that I find whenever anyone well known passes, I always find it incredibly sad, I guess because I always think they’ll live forever and all of sudden they are taken away and this brings me back to reality, that death is inevitable for all, sorry to sound morbid but that’s the way it makes me feel. I often find that with a lot of famous people that sadly pass away, it leaves me feeling low for a few days but then I move on. But then there are the select few that really touch my heart and I find myself thinking about more then most and for me,  Robin Williams is one of those select few.


He had a smile that appeared to show so much love, happiness and even a little sadness all at the time. He appeared to have a smile that made me want to know what was going on in that mind of his. From reading, what I have come to learn about him, was that he was a kind man and yes the phrase “tears of clown” comes to mind too but I ultimately feel as if I had have ever of been so lucky to have been in his company for even as little as five minutes, then I would have walked away thinking, what an extraordinary soul.


My earliest memory of watching him on TV was of course Mork & Mindy, I can’t remember much about the show, as I was very young but I remember enjoying it even though I probably couldn’t fully understand it. Each and every one of his films that i’ve had the pleasure to watch him in has touched my heart and has often had a profound effect on me. For me though, it will always be Genie from Aladdin, God bless him for that alone.


I hope you enjoy the photos i’ve pulled of Robin Williams today. My favourites are those that were taken by Arthur Grace, that I found on Vanity Fair. They are intimate and intriguing.


Take care,

Daniella xox






Images Found Via Pinterest & Vanity Fair


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