Today’s Look: The Linen Suit




I know the creases might annoy some folk but I’m a big fan of summer linens! Weather it be black, navy, white or beige linen, I’m a big fan of the easil creased yet cooling material. I believe it looks chic and timeless but because of the neautral array of  colours that it so often comes in, you can style it as classic or as modern as you want! For today’s look, I dug out my old Acne Studios cropped linen trousers and my vintage linen blazer and paired them together to give the appearance of a summer suit. Though they may not be an exact colour match, I think it works. To be in keeping with the androgynous tone of this look, I opted for a blue striped, men’s shirt, it could have been all too easy to have gone for a neutral top but I liked how the blue looked against the neutral tones.

The burgandy mules and net bag completed the outfit with minimal fuss. When I look at this outfit, I can’t help but be reminded of my grandad because he has always worn linen suits and whilst some may not asipire to look like their grandad, I actuall like being reminded of him, makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

How do you you feel about linen?

Take care,

Daniella xox








Vintage Blazer

(old) Marks & Spencer Stripe Shirt – love this HERE

(old) Acne Studios Trousers – love these HERE

(old) Stella McCartney Mules – love these HERE


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