Appreciating The Things I Once Took For Granted




Happy Monday folks! How was everyones weekend? I had a brilliant weekend, on Saturday my mum took my sister and I to Bristol (a city about 45 minutes drive from where we live) and we spent the entire day looking around the shops for some pieces ready for our family holiday and we also stopped at the Harvey Nichols restaurant for some pretty special food. The reason I mention this is because for the last few years my mum hasn’t been well enough to go shopping or out at all really. This Saturday just gone was truly a memory I want to hold on to forever. Before my mum became unwell, I guess I took time and tripes with her for granted but now I have truly come to appreciate it so much more. If you are someone who is blessed to have good family, a family that you are close to, then practise being present in every moment because time is precious.


Anyway on to my outfit and this mini skirt I am wearing, is a piece I have had for a couple of years and with its bold print and light material, it makes for an ideal summer mini skirt. The classic blue colour of the shirt really sets of the print and colours of the skirt, whilst the high neckline of the shirt and the Stella McCartney slides plays down the short skirt length with a whisper of nonchalance.


Wishing you all a wonderful week! Also to all the Game Of Thrones fans who are watching episode 2 tonight, enjoy, I know I will!


Take care,

Daniella xox









(old) American Apparel Shirt (worn Backwards)

(old) Topshop Mini Skirt

(old) Stella McCartney Slides

Vintage Bag




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