Styling The Blouse That I Just Couldn’t Let Go




How cute is this top that I am wearing in today’s post! I have owned it for years now and it’s one of those tops that I kept holding on and on to because I just adore it so much. I also held on to it because I bought it on one of the many shopping trips I had with my mum and shopping trips with my mum is and always will be something I will hold dear. It may sound superficial and materialistic but for a long time it was these shopping trips that truly allowed quality time between my mum and I. Now we are able to do other things together that are equally as special because ultimately it’s not always about what we are doing but the fact we are doing them together that counts and I am grateful for that now more then ever.


Anyway after years of holding on to this top but not really finding a way to integrate into my style, I finally found some inspiration on how to wear it. Styling it with jeans may seem simple and I guess it’s like why did’t I think of teaming the top with jeans before but maybe I wasn’t ready to just keep it simple before. Maybe I thought the top had to be styled in a way that was completely unexpected and imaginative to make it feel relevant to my style. When really it was very simple indeed and that can quite often be the case with many of the questions we find ourselves asking.


I hope you like today’s look. Wishing you wonderful Friday and a fun filled weekend.

Take care,

Daniella xox





Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

(old) Odd Molly Top

(old) Topshop Jeans

(old) Marks & Spencer Red shoes



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