Body Shaming: Educating The Next Generation



I wanted to talk about something that had been at the forefront of my mind this last week. Recently my younger sister has experienced a few situations that have been cruel. Amongst a few things, she had a guy online trying to body shame her, saying she is chunky and that she has thunder thighs. Then she had two woman try and embarrass her in a public by shouting out to her that she should wear a bra. I think sometimes I forget that there are still people out there who choose not to educate themselves. Being a blogger who posts about my personal style, documenting my outfits and some parts of my personal life, I leave myself open to the judgements of people and though I have had moments where I have been at the receiving end of negativity being thrown my way, thankfully as an overall view I have been fortunate to have what can only be described as a mostly positive, uplifting and encouraging experience. So maybe this is why it shocked me when she told me about these people.

My sister went through her fair share of bullying when she was younger and a main part of that was due to the way she looked. As hurtful as that was for her, she’s worked hard to get to a happier more confident place and she’s also put a lot of time into being a healthier, fitter version of her already beautiful self. Those emotional scars that come from being bullied as a child don’t necessarily go away but they do heal and though it doesn’t take it away, at least you can always think to yourself that the children that bullied you were kids themselves and they don’t always know better if their parents haven’t taught them. But when it’s grown adults who thoughtlessly go out of their way to put others down is something I struggle to get my head around.

Sitting back and complaining isn’t going to go very far in changing attitudes and behavior and that’s why I wanted to talk openly about this today. We have a responsibility to not only educate ourselves to become more sensitive and empathetic human beings but we have a responsibility to pass that onto the next generation also. Whether that be your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, younger brothers and sisters, or simply a child of whom you are close too. For instance we try and avoid using words like ugly and fat around our nephews because words like this in the hands of little ones can be misused and the results could be extremely damaging to the receiver of them. In turn we barely use negative words like this anymore and so it’s a win win.

We must teach people in this generation and the next that by putting others down, won’t lift you any higher. Personally I find that if I can make someone else feel good or put a smile on their face then that makes me smile with happiness too. We must educate others by letting them know that trying to body shame someone or trying to embarrass or put them down only reflects how insecure, unhappy, uneducated and quite possibly bored they are.

Lets try to judge less, encourage more and be better people for it.

Let me know where you stand on this.

Take care,

Daniella xox





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