Red Swim Shorts & How I’m Styling Them






Back along, when my boyfriend and I were looking around the shops we stopped by one of my favourites which happens to be a menswear shop, Merchant Menswear. In there I spotted a pair of red shorts, which turned out to be swim shorts! Instead of putting them back and walking away from them, I instead figured I’d just go for it and try them on anyway. Yep, not going to lie wearing mens swim shorts felt super weird, that netting stuff on the inside doesn’t exactly feel natural to me but because they looked how I hoped they had looked, I went ahead and bought them. I figured when we go on holiday, they’ll be cool too and maybe I could even wear them with the purpose that their design was origanlly intended, for swimming in. I could imagine them with a one shoulder bikini top.

I don’t think I’ve shared any photos of this blouse before, I love how dramatic it is and the ruffles I felt added a touch of femininity to the androgynous feel of this look.

Would you ever consider wearing men’s swim shorts? I really wouldn’t blame you, if you said no. It is kinda weird! But sometimes personal style knows no limit!

Take care,

Daniella xox








Urban Outfitters sunglasses – similar HERE

Mango Top – love this HERE & HERE

(mens) Carhartt Swim Shorts via Merchant Menswear – HERE

Adidas Sneakers – similar HERE


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