Why I’m Saying My Positive Affirmations Out Loud





Do you believe in positive affirmations? I do. It used to give me a boost just seeing and reading them in my head but then recently I have found power in saying them allowed. There is something about saying a positive affirmation out loud that makes it feel so much stronger then just whispering it to myself or saying it in my head. Saying the words with confidence out loud feels as though I’m really putting it out there to the universe. Also when I whisper it quietly or just say it my head it’s as though I’m not fully confident in what I’m saying and for me personally, I feel as if saying these affirmations out loud will help me on psychological level too. I can be shy and haven’t always had confidence when it comes to speaking up and having belief in my decisions or opinions even though I rarely have reason to doubt them. I think saying positive messages out loud will help me with my voice in that sense. Ultimately I don’t know but I’m going to trust my instincts on this one.

Just in case you’re interested, here is are three of the positive affirmations I like saying at the moment:

My Body is happy, my body is healthy, my body is healed, my body is protected.


My mind is happy, my mind is healthy, my mind is healed, my mind is protected.

My my soul is happy, my soul is healthy, my soul is healed, my soul is protected.


On the subject of my outfit, I don’t think I’ve yet shared any outfit photos that include this Ganni striped top. I did wear this outfit a while ago now but now is a good time as any. I loved how it looked kinda retro with my Isabel Marant flares and aviator sunglasses but then modernised with the adidas sneakers. Would you agree?

Take care lovelies,


Daniella xox.









Ganni Striped Top

Isabel Marant Trousers – on SALE HERE

Adidas Sneakers – similar HERE

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses – Similar HERE

(old) Topshop Bag



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