2 Weekends Of Birthday Celebrations





















I really wanted to create a post that rounded up my birthday celebrations. Some people like to keep their birthdays low key and that’s cool and up to them but I honestly love to make the most of it and this year I really was blessed with my birthday celebrations.


It started with the weekend before my birthday which was the 24th of June. At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t have my birthday party on my actual birthday (this was due to my mum having a previous engagement that she had to attend on my actual bday) I mean it was on a Saturday and that doesn’t happen very often but like most blessings this turned out to be a good thing as it meant I could celebrate my birthday two weekends in a row and well, I was definitely down for that! Anyway my party consisted of a sports day during the day (my team won, just saying!) in which we played the classic egg & spoon race, relay, sack race (hilarious, we only had kids sacks) penalty shoot out and three leg race. Honestly, if you’re stuck for party ideas, this is such a fun thing to do. Even if you think your not sporty or competitive, you’ll be surprised by how much you and others will get into it.


After that we went back to ours and had ourselves a barbecue, i’ll admit I found it a little stressful hosting this but once all the food was served up, I got drunk and had an awesome night. My boyfriend even built us a bar out of pallets and that was a big hit.


The weekend that followed, started with a birthday dinner with my family the night before and then my boyfriend, sister, a family friend and myself went to see “All Eyes On Me” at the cinema. A serious disappointment (he film not the company) but i’ll save that for another time. On my birthday, we had a family breakfast and the pink theme continued also with a rather impressive addition of a unicorn balloon. After a lovely afternoon visit by my mother in law (not technically but still, that’s how I view my boyfriend’s mum) my love took me out to my favourite restaurant in town and I wore the Monica Vinader necklace he surprised me with, i’ll do a post on that special piece very soon.


To bring my birthday celebrations to an end, on the Sunday, we drove up to London because the other part of my present from my boyfriend was to have a psychic reading at Selfridges with the Psychic sisters, founded by the amazing JayneWallace. I had my reading with Coco Moorland, who was so kind, positive and just plain lovely with my reading. I also had some Chakra healing done, which is something I have been interested in doing for a long time now and it was every bit wonderful as I had hoped for. Once that was over Conan showed me Lola’s bakery which is situated in Selfridges, where they made unicorn cupcakes, obviously had to get me some of those. He then showed me the Krispy Creme counter, where they also had their unicorn version of hand finished donuts. By the way, if you’re looking for a nice place to eat in London, then head to French Brasserie: Aubaine which is located on Brompton road. We had the Brioche Lobster and hella yeah, it was good. Just saying….


Take care and well done for hanging on in there, if you’ve got to this part of the post 😉


Daniella xox







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