The Difference Between Style & Personal Style





I am someone who loves classic, casual combinations such as taking a simple t-shirt and styling it with a pair of jeans and some easy shoes. Sometimes outfits like these are enough but other times, I like to bring an essence of personal style and flair to a simplistic outfit. For todays style post, I took a classic black, fitted t-shirt and teamed it with a pair of baggy ecru coloured jeans and my minimalist Newbark slides. But anyone can wear a t-shirt and jeans and look stylish but what separates style and personal style can be as simple as one detail. This detail can be as extreme or un-extreme as you want! But ultimately it’s about adding in something unexpected and eye catching whether that’s done subtly or not, that’s up to you. For me it came down to taking an olive green scarf and creating an exaggerated sash-inspired piece.


The olive green colour seemed to lift both the black and the ecru as well as bridging the gap between the light and the dark. Instead of going too far with accessorising, which could have been all too easy to do with a minimal look such as this, I decided to instead go with just a pair of gold coloured hoops and a standout eye shadow, to add in just a small pop of colour.


I hope you like todays look. Take care,

Daniella xox







(old) River Island Tee

 (old) american Vintage Scarf

(old) Mens Levis Jeans

(old) Newbark Slides


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