Short Shorts & Summer Evenings




So far we’ve not actually had a terrible start to the summer! June has been not just decent but honestly rather hot. We have experienced temperatures that I really don’t believe we have had in years and it was a nice dry heat as opposed to the yucky muggy heat that we usually get stuck with. As I write this though, I am currently facing a window that looks out to grey skies and the weather is confirming the British favourite,”drizzle” all day but I like to remain hopeful that we haven’t seen the last of the hot summer sun and even if we have, at least it was more memorable.

During the hot spell, this was one of the outfits that I wore. I found my cobalt blue, high waisted shorts and styled them with a teeny tiny crop top that has orange piping which I found created quite a striking effect when styled with the blue. I’m not used to wearing short shorts with an even shorter top but its summer and so I just embraced it and I actually ended up feeling more confident then I had anticipated. I did add in an oversized shirt as I felt this bought a relaxed yet chic element to the look.

That evening we took our dog for a walk and I knew where we would be going would make for a beautiful location for taking photos. I think it can be forgotten or taken for granted how pretty the British countryside can be in the summer but I for one will always try an immerse myself into my countryside surroundings especially during the summertime.

I hope you like todays style post. Wishing you all a great weekend.

Take care,

Daniella xox




Ray Ban Sunglasses

American Apparel Shirt

(old) Topshop Crop Top

(old) Cacharel Shorts

(old) Newbark Slides




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