Today’s Chat: On The Subject Of Friendship




This Sunday gone, the day after my birthday party as we were sat around the outside table just a few of us discussing the night before, I was stunned to see one of my oldest and closest friends walk up the path to surprise us all with a visit! My draw dropped and for a few seconds just sat there in disbelief. He’s been working abroad for the last few months and so it really was a big surprise to see him and have him back for a couple of days.

We have been friends for about fourteen years now and though I miss seeing him regularly we have that kind of bond that when he’s away, it feels like ages since we’ve seen each other but when he came back, it was kinda like I only seen him just the other day. I think that’s a great testament to our friendship and I like to think and hope it will always be like that.

Since my teenage years, I have come to learn that I’m not someone who cares about having lots of friends, as in my experience friend relationships can be even more tricky to maintain then romantic relationships. I’d rather just have a couple of close friends that probably end up feeling more like family then friends. I like having history with friends, I’m quite a nostalgic person and so I guess that’s why. This doesn’t mean that I’m not open to new friendships, I’m just more of a “let it happen naturally” kinda gal. I guess it just takes a lot for me to consider someone a friend, as I don’t hand that title out easily to someone and suppose that’s because I’ve come to learn what a friend means to me can mean something very different to someone else.

Take care, sorry I didn’t get to talk about today’s look but I hope you like it,

Daniella xox







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