Big Shoulders & Early Birthday Celebrations



As I write this it’s Sunday evening and I’m watching Ed sheeren on the tv perform at Glastonbury and he is epic ( that guy definitely knows how to strum a guitar) and the atmosphere there looks as though it’s pretty insane and i mean that in a good way.


On Saturday we celebrated my birthday a week early and what a day and evening it was! We had a sports day in the afternoon followed by an evening of barbecued food and drink which included summer favourites such as Pimms and sex on the beach. I was so lucky to blessed with yet another birthday party that was filled with fun memories, lots of laughter and definitely too much alcohol! Yes, I felt ill the morning after. I am a little annoyed that I wasn’t able to get any photos, something I usually always ensure getting because I like to have something that I can actually look at but I just didn’t get around to taking any. My mum says that’s a sign of a good party, which I suppose makes sense. So as much as I would like to share a photo diary of my birthday celebrations, annoyingly I can’t!


Can an we just touch upon today’s look quickly and may I start by asking what you think of this blazer? I’ve had it for years, I found it in a bag of old clothes in our loft once upon time and please don’t underestimate how big the shoulders are because they are mahoosive, like seriously! My boyfriend certainly has a giggle every time I wear it, nice to know he finds my style SO hilarious sometimes! Anyway I liked how it looked worn with the casual tee and straight jeans.


Well, have a great week lovelies. Take care,


Daniella xox











Vintage blazer

The Breakfast Club T-shirt

(old) Topshop Jeans

(old) Newbark Slides






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