A Dedication To The Timeless Ballet Flat
















It’s been a while since I last pulled the denim mini skirt out for a look of mine. I thought I would have  at least styled it up a couple of times during the winter or early spring with potentially a pair of thick black tights and a chunky knit but I guess it just never materialised. Anyway, here I am styling it for a spring to summer inspired outfit. See I find that this denim skirt is a little misleading I always think of it being longer then it actually is. I think because it sits high on the waist it tricks the eye, which I guess is good because like I said, at least it looks longer. But in reality it feels rather short and when I’m wearing it I become very aware of that. This doesn’t mean I’m against short skirts, dresses or shorts, no, not one bit. I think it’s just because I’m used to wearing trousers or mid-length dresses and skirts more often then not and so it always takes a little more getting used to when they feel much shorter.

Something else that I have not worn in while, in fact a rather long time indeed and that is these Chloe ballet flats. It’s crazy when I think about it because ballet flats used to be my vibe and for years, I owned quite a few pairs and wore them to death. These Chloé ones remain just as chic and delicate as they were when I first bought them years ago. I guess because my personal taste has evolved to love a chunkier style of shoe, my dedication to the ballet flat diminished but you know what? There’s nothing like a classic navy sweater teamed with something denim to remind me how chic a ballet flat was and continues to be! And that is my ode to the discreet but always formidable ballet flat.

Did you or do you wear balls flats?

take care,

Daniella xox






Marks & Spencer (boys) Sweater

Topshop Denim Mini Skirt

Vintage Bag

(old) Chloé Ballet Flats

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses



One thought

  1. Hey Victoria! I really like your post and all the pretty pictures. I know exactly what your talking about when you’re saying that the skirt feels rather short. I do have also that slightly uncomfortable feeling when wearing short bottoms, but let me tell you: From my point of view the outfit looks absolutely great!


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