The Stylish Street Fashion Of London





So here is the first batch of street style photos I took whilst in London for London fashion week men’s. I definitely appreciate the quieter vibes of men’s fashion week, it’s not such a scrap to get photos of someone’s style of whom captures ones eyes. It feels a lot gentle, respectful and just generally more relaxed but I think this was especially so because the sun was shining and it was Sunday. It was kind of weird whilst I was there it didn’t seem like there was that many look that caught my eyes and I remember feeling a little concerned that I hadn’t been able to talk that many photos but nice I reviewed them that next I quickly came to see that what I had captured on camera was more satisfying then I had previously thought. See, as happy I am to share street style photos from other sites, I personly prefer to at least try and create my own content. I’m by far not the most original street style photographer and my photography skills are definitly somewhat limited but I don’t like to let that stop me from trying what essentially I enjoy doing.


I hope like you like the shots. Take care,

Daniella xox






All the Photo’s Taken and edited By Me.


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