The Style Trick I’ll Be Borrowing From The LFWM Guys

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Last Sunday we took a day trip up to London for LFWM (London fashion week men’s) and this was second time being on the street style side of things at the men’s fashion week and once again enjoyed the quieter or should I say the calmer vibe that LFWM brings. Though incedently the photos that I’m using in today’s blogpost aren’t the ones I took during my time there.

Whilst I was in London, there was a very noticeable trend happening amongst the men and that was the return of the bumbag (or what some refer to as the fannypack) but worn with a little more originality. The return of the bumbag isn’t exactly a new thing as they have been in and around for a while now but there was something about the way these guys were wearing it that felt modern and left me notably inspired. Yes, I am now on the hunt for a bumbag, I expect places like Topshop, Asos and Urban Outfitters should be able to hook me up! Even though this trend caught my, it seemed when checking over the images I caught that day, I was annoyed to realise that I had only maneged to capture one or two but thankfully I was able to rely on my favourite sites to share with you what caught my eye that day.

would you borrow this style style trick from the boys?

take care,

Daniella xo



From Left

  1. BDG BumBag – HERE 2. Palm Print Bum Bag – HERE   3. New Balance Bum Bag HERE 4. Wrangler Denim Bum Bag – HERE  5. Tie Dye Bum Bag – HERE                                              6. Vintage Leather Bum Bag – HERE  



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