Scent Of Wisteria & Why I Still Love The Skinny Jean




I know some people are over the skinny jean but I am not! I’m a solid denim fan, have been for years and years and I can’t see that ever changing and so for that reason I don’t discriminate against jean styles and especially a style such as the skinny jean since for so long has been there in my time of need. When I would try on outfit after outfit but nothing was quite working until I gave up and threw in the towel, which would go on to result in pulling on a pair of my favourite skinnies accompanied by a simple tee. And whilst it was essentially an outfit of defeat it was nevertheless an ensemble that I could rely on to make me feel good and that was undoubtedly mostly down to the skinny jeans.

Don’t get wrong though, there is no doubt the skinny jean has many rivals now, I mean I am big big fan of the straight jean and I still long to own a perfect pair of cropped flared jeans but this doesn’t mean you are about to see me throw out all my skinny jeans.


These photos were taken a few weeks back in front of some very old wisteria that smelt divine but was equally pretty to look at also. In fact I would love to know how old it is because the building it on is over a hundred years old and if it was planted at the same time, then it’s done very well indeed. When I have a house of my own, I would love to grow wisteria or even better have a home that already has it.


Have you ever smelt Wisteria before? And are you still a fan of skinny jeans?


Take care,

Daniella xox








(old) Vest

(old) Marks & Spencer (mens) Stripe Shirt

(old) High Waisted Jeans

Stella McCartney Mules


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