Monday’s Look: A Glimpse Of Gingham





It’s hard to know what to say after a weekend of tragic events and it seems it is becoming more and more often that I find myself sat here writing about yet another terrorist incident in where lives have been taken and people are suffering needlessly at the hands of the incredibly damaged and mentally deranged. I will admit I don’t really follow the news because I find it so negative and I am very sensitive to that but there are just some things you cannot ignore. I stayed up on Saturday night following the events that were unfolding through the screen of our tv. Those poor people just innocently enjoying an evening in London to find themselves in the centre of something so unimaginable. But from what we have seen the police acted superbly and probably saved potentially hundreds of lives.

I’m sorry to talk about this on my blog and especially if you are sensitive to these kind of situations in the same way that I am but like most people right now, its at the forefront of my mind and it feels natural to speak openly about it.

They try and fill us with hate but i’ve said it before and I will say it again, these horrendous acts of evil will only make me love the good people of this world even more.



On My Look:

I found a new way to style my gingham blouse and I did so by styling it under my favourite oversized shirt. I liked how you could only see glimpses of the green gingham print. I parked this combination with a very old pair of acid wash jeans and my OTK patent boots. They were almost impossible to put on over the jeans but the good things was once they were on, they didn’t budge one bit 😉

Take care my lovelies and stay safe.

Daniella xox






Vintage Oversized Shirt – love this HERE

Warehouse Gingham Top – HERE

(old) Acid Wash Jeans

Mango OTK Boots



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