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Today I wanted to share a post with you that it is mostly dedicated to Johnny Cash. I think the first time I came to learn about Johnny Cash was when I was on a flight either to or from Boston (can’t remember if it was on the way there or on the way back) and I watched the biopic Walk The Line which starred Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. The Film gives an insight into the rise of Johnny Cash but also the relationship between him and June Carter. The film quickly became one of my favourites but what I was really loving was the music. Soon enough I found myself wanting to become more familiar with his songs and it was my dad who then told me that he also loved Johnny Cash and grew up listening to his songs. Finding out that my dad loved Johnny Cash’s music left me wondering why I hadn’t heard his songs growing up, as my mum and dad both bought my sister and I up with an appreciation for most music genres and in turn listened to a big variety of music. Maybe my dad had simply forgotten about his like for Johnny Cash songs but whatever it was, it didn’t matter because I had discovered a new sound that I liked and my dad was able to once again renew his admiration for Johnny Cash too.

After watching a documentary about his life a year or so ago and getting an insight into the man he was and what he stood for, I then found myself even more drawn to him and not just for his musical talent but because I found that he come across very caring, charismatic and with an inner strength that only a few possess. Though above all it’s his music that I admire, I can’t help but became all dreamy eyed over what most certainly appeared to be a beautiful and loving relationship between him and June Carter, a singer/song writer in her own right. I’m sure they had their troubles but from what I have taken from the small amounts of information that is known to the public, it’s clear that they had a bond that was very special. I like to think that the fact he was a Pisces and she was Cancer had a little something to do with it but that’s just the zodiac freak within me. He is undoubtedly an icon and like many other well known characters that have come to pass, he is someone I would have loved to have met.

 I hope you like today’s post. Let me know if there are any other Johnny Cash fans who are reading this.

Take care,

Daniella xox








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