Confessions Of A Private Person




Good Morning and I hope everyone who gets to enjoy their bank holiday Monday, has a great day!

I have been thinking recently about how sometimes we can open up to people we don’t really know! I have always considered myself a relatively private person, I don’t have many friends just a few close ones that are mostly considered and feel more like family as opposed to friends and they are the people along with my immediate family and of course my boyfriend who know me best as I guess it is the case with most people. But you know, as much as they know me, i’m not always the most forthcoming with what is on my mind. The other day when visited the hairdresser she asked me a question, I guess you could say it was relatively personal but at the same time general and not intrusive. I responded in a way that I didn’t expect and before I knew it, I had spoken very openly about something that I never thought I would speak about with people who didn’t already know about it. I felt for her because I don’t think she was expecting such a deep response and after I left I did reflect on it and felt bad that I had just unloaded my emotional baggage onto her. It wasn’t my intention but it just happened.

Why is it that we can sometimes find it easier to be open with people that we barely know? I mean they are the ones who are (stupidly) most likely to judge and yet we make ourselves vulnerable to it. I have been mulling it over and I don’t know why it is that this openness can often occur. Maybe it’s because we want to appear strong for our loved ones and with our warped way of thinking we assume that being open about what’s on our mind is somehow seen as weak. Maybe it’s because we care more about what our nearest and dearest think of us?! As humans, I often think we are full of contradictions that don’t always make sense and maybe that’s okay. I have to say after speaking so openly about something so private, I did feel very weird for the rest of that day. It was a very abnormal thing for me to do and I felt completely out of my comfort zone. That was last week though, now it’s a new week and time to refocus.

Take care and have a great week,

Daniella xox










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