The Impossible Shoes





Wearing leather like this in this last week would have been a risky move as the temps have risen to either being hot or annoyingly muggy. But it’s only just began to feel more like summer as opposed to spring. But going back a few weeks and styling this leather top over a striped shirt and paired with white cropped trousers and sandals was actually idealistic for creating a monochromatic springtime look that felt fresh and yet simplistic.

The flatform sandals that I’m wearing are amongst my favourites in my own personal shoe collection! They really do look great with so many pieces and if there’s one thing I love in a purchase its versatility. But there is one minor problem, these shoes are impossible as I can’t bloody walk in them! Okay, so not that minor. No, unfortunately they are potential ankle breakers and i’ll admit for the first two years of owning them, I liked to pretend that they were fine to walk in but after fall no.57 theres no denying that it started to become a little embarrassing! What’s extra irritating, it’s that they are actually really comfortable to wear which is ideal since they give me some extra height. I mean, if I’m just around the home they are fine as they work best on flat surface but if I venture outside the house then I learn quickly that most places aren’t paved all that flat. I know I should probably get rid of them but I still get a lot of enjoyment from pairing them with certain outfits and even if they never get to walk outside of the home or if they are pretty much used as props for my outfit photos then I’ll settle with it.

Have you ever kept shoes that are impossible to walk in simply because you like them that much?

Take care,

Daniella xox







Marks & Spencer Hoop Earrings

(old) Leather Top

(old) Elizabeth & James Shirt

(old) Topshop Trousers

(old) Elizabeth & James Flatform Sandals


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