Today’s Look: The Good Jeans

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It seems that this week is heating up but let’s go back to this look when it was only just warming up. Though I am aware that it’s more about the eighties in 2017 but I guess i’m on a slight seventies vibe this week, as today’s look and Monday’s look both include pieces and styling that is from one of my favourite eras of fashion. I think high waisted, flared jeans will always be one of my favourite jean styles, simply because they are so undeniably flattering and they always have the ability to help make me feel good.


Before I end today’s post I wanted to talk about the events that took place in Manchester. The word I keep finding myself using is heartbreaking, in fact my mum and I were speaking about it yesterday and we both used that word at the same time and this said a lot. It’s how we feel and Probably how the whole nation feels right now. I think of all those young souls who were only just beginning their life in this world and how it’s been stolen from them and for what? To make us hate more because it doesn’t or at least not for me. Instead it makes me incredibly sad and more then anything it makes me feel love for those whose lives have now been turned upside down from loosing their child, parent, brother, sister or friend. I honestly can’t even imagine what they are going through and it’s safe to say the lives of those grieving will never be the same again. I just hope and pray that sooner rather then later they find some sense of peace, happiness and love once again.

I love our world, it is caplable of incredible things and most people in it are good, we must remember that. But I do wish that out of all the things that could possibly bring harm to our children that humans wasn’t one of them. Because we have the intelligence and understanding to know better.



Take care my lovelies,


Daniella xox






(old) Isabel Marant Jacket

Marks & Spencer Hoop Earrings

(old) Marks & Spencer Ruffle Blouse – love this HERE

(old) Marks & Spencer Jeans – love these HERE, HERE & HERE

(old) Topshop Bag – love this HERE

Margaret Howell Polka Dot Scarf


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