Today’s Style Vibe: Shopping Sporty



If there is one thing I constantly seem to have my eye on at the moment it’s all things casual and sporty. I am seriously contemplating getting a pair of Adidas original CL84 track pants, the only thing is that they are from the men’s department and i’m concerned they are going to be ridiculously long on my petite 5’3 body but I can’t seem to find anything similar in the woman department. In fact I would say the pieces currently on my wish list seem to be equally split down the middle of woman and mens, as it appears the mens section seems to have more of what I am looking for.

I always check the womenswear section first but I find the pieces are less classic looking and less baggy and for me right now, when it comes to casual sportswear, the baggier the better, with a few exceptions along the way. I haven’t had a problem adapting men’s pieces into my wardrobe before and so why stop now?! You may be thinking that this is just a bit of a fad but i’ve been wearing sporty pieces for years and I do believe it’s a consistent element of my style, it’s just now, I want to take it a little it further.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite pieces that are out there right now. I actually purchased the aviator sunglasses impulsively the other day at Urban Outfitters and I have to say that they are fun, retro addition to my wardrobe and for fourteen pounds and even if they don’t stand the test of time, they are worth it.

Take care,

Daniella xox







Urban Outfitters (mens) Joggers – HERE

Topshop Boutique Tee- HERE

Reebok Cap via Topshop – HERE

Lacoste (mens) T-shirt – HERE

Adidas Originals (mens) Joggers – HERE

Adidas Originals T-shirt via Urban Outfitters – HERE

Fila Trainers – HERE

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses – HERE

Thrasher Long Sleeve Top – HERE



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