Weekend Recap + Dressing For The Up/Down Weather





Happy Monday everyone! I’m not really one of those “Monday’s suck” kind of people but I guess I do cherish the weekends and look forward to them simply because it’s means that I get two full days with my love! I would one hundred percent have him work from home if he could. Did everyone enjoy their weekend? It was a quiet one for us, I was a little unwell with an annoying head cold on the Saturday but tried to make the most of the sunny weather come Sunday afternoon. Popped into town to get some self tan because it was selling in TKMAXX for £9.99, which compared to its usual £33.00 price tag it was kinda like, how could I not, snap up that mega bargain up?! I also bought some new foundation because I ran out. Nothing special just some by Loreal but don’t you find it impossible to really tell what colour you’re getting? I kind of want to take the product outside and have look. Also the test pots are always either the wrong shade or have just been stollen. This is why I don’t like make up shopping!

Today’s look is one of my favourites, I just cant get enough of the fit of these Isabel Marant trousers, they are perfect. BUT and there is a but, that perfect fit comes at a bit of price (aside from their actual price) and that is they, I don’t know how to put this delicately? They eat away at the crotch and not in a good way, no, in an uncomfortable way. Sorry guess I couldn’t put that delicately! But i’m not going to lie that doesn’t stop me wearing them because i’m vain and love the way they look. This outfit kind of some up’s the weather we have been facing recently, one minute I’m in need of that extra layer and then next, it’s like there hasn’t been a cloud in sight since 1973.

I hope you like the look.

Take care,

Daniella xox









Pink Floyd T-shirt

Isabel Marant Trousers – HERE

Sam Edelman Snake Print Boots


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