Eyes On Organic By John Patrick




While on my Pinterest the other day, I was looking at the Resort 2017 board that I made and these images of the Organic by John Patrick collection were on there. It reminded me how find I was and still am of this collection. I know they are resort as opposed to Spring/summer but given them lightness, ease and simplistic nature of both the pieces and the styling, I think it was works perfectly for summer. If and when summer does eventually hit us, if it’s hot enough there are days wear simplicity is all i’m after and this collection will defiantly help set the tone for helping me achieve simple, chic and  comfortable style. I know slip dresses were the BIG thing last summer but personally I have owned slip dresses for years and I find it hard to ever imagine growing tired of them. I would not mind that light dusty blue dress one bit, just saying. And who doesn’t want to wonder round an open field in a basic blue oversized shirt, sounds like perfection to me! Whether or not I will actually do that is another matter all together.

I hope you find these images to be just as inspiring as I do. You can see more of my favourite collections by heading to Pinterest HERE.

Take care,

Daniella xox







Images via Vogue.com 



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