Do The Colours We Wear Mean Anything?




Red and orange never seem to be my obvious go-to colour combination but nevertheless can still make a strong and impactful look. These photos were taken in the early days of spring and it was a grey day and a colour block look like this seemed to be just the thing I needed to help me stay in good spirits. I don’t think I’ve styled a trench coat with jogger bottoms before but I liked the classic twist on an otherwise very casual look.

But back to colours, I have always wondered whether we choose to wear certain colours because it reflects our mood? Like, if we are feeling low and angry inside do we wear black as a subconscious or possibly conscious way to let others know what we’re feeling?! And maybe when we wear brighter colours it shows we are feeling happy or optimistic about life and when we wear white or neutrals then maybe thats because we are feeling calm and balanced. Or is it that maybe it could be that when we are feeling low, we wear bright colours in the hope it will cheer us up. Maybe we wear neutrals because underneath we are searching for a calmer, more natural feel of life. It could be that wearing black resembles contentment rather then anger. I don’t actually know but I do feel that the colours we choose to wear must resemble something that is felt on the inside and is then consciously or subconsciously reflected out.

Would you agree or do you think it’s as simple, as I want to wear colour and so I’m going to wear that colour? Either way I’m intrigued to know.

take care,

Daniella xox





(old) Topshop Boutique Trench Coat – love this HERE, HERE & HERE

(old) Joseph Orange Knit

(old) Topshop Top (worn underneath)

(old) Topshop Jogger Trousers – love these HERE, HERE & HERE

Nike Air force 1 Sneakers – HERE


3 thoughts

  1. I think colors we choose do represent our current state of mind. And they can stimulate certain psychological and physiological responses too. My color preferences change now and then, although still within a certain paradigm. For example, a couple years ago, when I was really down, I only wanted to wear grey. I read that grey represents sadness and depression. I think I’m feeling more hopeful now and grey is out of my wardrobe, only a couple grey t-shirts left, to wear with everything else black. By the way, as far as I remember, black doesn’t mean anger or melancholy, it’s more about reserve and calm. Look up color meanings online, scientific or not, it’s an interesting read. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and also to comment, that means a lot! I will certainly be reading more about the colour meanings because I do find it interesting. I remember wondering about black because so many people see it to be a depressing colour yet its very possible that it doesn’t mean that at all. Thank you again and best wishes xx


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