On The Blog Today: 3 New Things



A few things i’ve acquired recently:

This awesome coat by WEEKDAY which has already seen me through much of this spring so far, can’t wait to show you all the outfit’s I’ve styled this vinyl piece in to.

I also picked up this cute zodiac notebook from John Lewis a few weeks back. I’m into anything horoscope related and so I was instantly drawn to it. I often use the “notes” section on my iPhone but I just wanted something more real, that couldn’t get accidentally deleted.

Finally, I was sent this towel by Tesalate. Apparently it has this awesome technology that doesn’t allow sand to stick to it, which I like the sound of. Plus it’s got such a cool, summery palm leaf print. Can’t wait to test it out once it’s warm enough.

That’s all folks and i’ll be back tomorrow with another outfit post!

Take care,

Daniella xox








Weekday Rain Coat Via Asos

Zodiac Notebook via John Lewis

Tesalate Towl


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