The Style Challenge: How I Styled This Surprise Dress







Last time I styled a look for was last year and I got to pick my own dress, if you check it out, you’ll see is was a long flowing maxi that was perfect for nailing an evening summer look. This time when BooHoo contacted me, it was to ask if I wanted to participate in a style challenge. The challenge was to send out the same dress to different woman to see how we all style the dress. I really loved the concept of this idea and though the thought of not knowing what dress I would receive kinda terrified me, I was equally as excited to see how this would go.

I’m going to be honest now, when the dress first arrived, I looked at it with slight disappointment just because it’s not a style I doubt I would have ever given a second glance. But and there is a but, when I tried the dress on, I was surprised to discover that I actually really liked how it looked on and almost instantly knew exactly how I was going to style it. Now this is the kinda dress that I would typically refer to as a “going out dress” and so classic black court shoes and maybe a structured blazer would have complimented this style of dress perfectly but I didn’t want it to look typical, I wanted to go a little outside of the box and make the dress suit me and my style, because true personal style is not about what you wear, it’s all about how you wear. A cliche saying, I know but nevertheless it’s a truthful and relevant one.

I know tying a shirt around the waist isn’t exactly groundbreaking but pair with some glitter ankle socks and some gladiator-style sandals, I couldn’t help but love this minimal, casual twist on this crochet-style dress. It felt me and I also felt like I achieved what was asked of me.

Now its time start relaxing into the weekend. Hope you like the results of this style challenge as much as I do.

Take care and have an awesome weekend,

Daniella xox








(old) Topshop Bomber Jacket

Boohoo.Com Dress

(old) Kurt Geiger London Sandals



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