Why I Love & Still Buy Fashion Magazines




I often think and wonder to myself how is the magazine industry is doing, well, more so the fashion magazine industry. There is so so much available online now and with the internet making fashion even faster then it already was, how do they keep up?!

But then I think again and ask myself, are these questions that I am asking even relevant? Maybe they are but to me, not so much! I have bought magazines for years and before I was truly interested in fashion I used to ask mum so buy me TV soap magazines ( I watched a lot of tv soaps, now I don’t really watch any) and then after that I loved gossip magazines (not really realising how negative they were) and then I found myself only being interested in the “fashion” section. This then lead me on to magazines like Grazia and Look Magazine and then finally finding myself only interested in Vogue, Elle and InStyle. Now i’ve pretty much ditched InStyle and only stick to Vogue, Elle And Porter.

There is something I still love about buying a magazine. I like the feeling of actually holding something in my hands that is different to a phone or iPad, feeling the pages rather then swiping or scrolling. The feeling is nostalgic yet the pages are filled with what I believe to be modern and relevant. I like buying a magazine and then having to wait until I get home before I can flick my way through it. Everything is so readily available to us now and that’s seriously amazing but I actually enjoy the process of eagerly waiting for the new issue to come out!

As you may be able to tell from the photos, I am a bit of hoarder with my magazines (and I use that phrase lightly) I like to think I will look back at them for style inspiration but the truth is that I never really do. But at least they look kinda cute stacked on our windowsills.

I think the price of fashion magazines will always seem excessive no matter how financial  wealthy I become and the sheer amount of adverts will always slightly grate on me (though admittedly I do always look forward to seeing the new adverts) but ultimately I can’t see it ever stopping me from buying magazines.

Do you still buy magazines? Or are you strictly online only? I’m intrigued.

Take care,

Daniella xox






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