Style Contradictions: Maximal Meets Minimal




Last Spring, all I wanted was just every bomber jacket out there, yep, that’s all! I lusted after one in ever colour and every style and though I didn’t get every bomber jacket out there ( I now realise that was being a little on the greedy side ;D) I did in fact manage to acquire three, though I am still yet to get myself a really oversized style. I know you’re out there Mr. perfect oversized bomber jacket and I will find you and make you mine! Like I said I bought three bomber jackets and they were all at different prices, one being expensive, one being about middle range and one being more then fair. The one that was more then fair was the bomber jacket I am wearing in today’s style post. It was from Topshop and even though it’s super plain and like most bomber jacket styles out there and not to mention it was the most affordable out of all three, it’s the one i’ve undoubtedly gotten the most wear out of.

It continues to be a great Spring Jacket and for todays post I took maximalist/minimalist approach. I know that may sound contradictory but that’s the only way I can sum it up. It was maximal in its silhouette and minimal in terms of the outfit’s pallet and the fuss free pieces. This I felt to be a perfect correlation of my style, whatever that is…

I hope you like today’s look of the day.

Take care,

Daniella xox





Marks & Spencer Statement Earrings

(old) Topshop Bomber Jacket

(old) E.Tautz Tunic

(old) DVF Trousers

(old) Warehouse Shoes



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