Health & Wellbeing: Mullein Tea & It’s Healing Properties




For today’s post I wanted to approach the subject of health and wellbeing. As you may know I have been diagnosed with M.E since the age of eleven and as someone who strives to make the most of life and the energy I do have despite the obstacles that having M.E can bring, I am often keeping my eyes and ears open for new ways that can help improve my physical and mental health. I have always considered the way I eat and drink to be relatively healthy but in the last couple of years this has really become a major focus and I think because i’ve never smoked or drank that much alcohol, I considered my body to be a lot cleaner then it actually was.

I don’t take any prescription pills from my doctor because quite frankly the doctors in Taunton/Somerset (the southwest of England) are supremely uneducated in M.E and so I simply wouldn’t trust their opinion on what I should or shouldn’t be taking. Aside from then that, I also don’t like the thought of prescription pills, they truly frighten me and i’ve seen a few cases where they actually do more harm then good and unless I absolutely had to, i’m simply not up for taking them. That’s just my intuition on the matter from my own personal experience.

I have always been open to alternative health treatments but like I said it’s only in the last couple of years that I have really encouraged myself to take action. Various supplement’s is something I am always reading up on and I try and add them to my cupboard as and when I can but if you had said to me a couple of years ago that I would start drinking herbal tea’s soon then I probably would have slapped you. Now, i’m not a violent person but my tetley tea is EVERYTHING to me and I just didn’t get the idea of drinking fruity or herbal teas. But then when I really paid attention to the possible health benefits that come with drinking actual organic herbal or fruit extract teas (not the pretend sugary ones) then I started to become more open to the idea.

One of the teas I have recently started to drink is Mullein. I bought the dried herb tea from my local Neal’s Yard store and it’s about £3.00 for 50 grams and I have to say that it goes very far. I try and have a cup of this tea every day and i’ll often add a slice of lemon or small spoon of honey and if i’m feeling extra crazy, i’ll add both! I will admit that even though I enjoy these kind of herbal tea’s a lot more then I used to, I still much rather have a cup of “normal” tea. But the way I see it and the way I treat it, is as though the tea’s are like a form of medicine. I think of its potential benefits and the taste is something I simply have to grin and bare in order to reap those benefits.

Some known healing benefits of drinking mullein tea: 

One of Mullein’s most known healing factors is it’s natural anti-inflammatory effect. I suffer with really painful legs even after just a small amount of walking, so this was one of the reasons, I was so drawn to trying it.

Mullein has great properties that help with respiratory problems. So consider this tea if you’re suffering with any severe coughs or chest infections. Or if you suffer with asthma, this could work for you. This also goes hand in hand if you are suffering from a cold of the flu and so instead of reaching for a lemsip drink, maybe try a Mullein tea. 

I don’t know many people now, who aren’t without digestion problems! Practically everyone in my immediate family has them, myself included but i’m still trying to figure out what it is that effects me exactly. Anyway, Mullein can be a great aid in digestive problems

Mullein has a few handy vitamins in it leaves and I have read you can get your fair share of magnesium by drinking the tea. 

Mullein can help with stomach cramps such as when you’re on your period, guess i’ll be stocking up this week! TMI, sorry about that. It also helps with Migraines, which for many woman can come hand in hand with their periods.

This wonder plant, also has a natural sedative and so can help with both anxiety and insomnia. I wish I had known this back when I suffered with not sleeping for years and years. 

I could go on and if you are interested, then you should really take the time to do your own, in depth research, you could find something that would be more personally effective to you. Though I prefer to drink the tea, you can also get the plant in tablet supplements and tincture too.

I would love to know what you thought of todays blogpost. Have you heard of or drank Mullein tea before? If there any herbal tea suggestions that you have and would like to share? Well, just let me know in the comments 🙂

Take care,

Daniella xox





Mullein Tea via Neal’s Yard


These are just my own opinions, always consult a doctor.

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