Stripes & Pink For Immediate Spring-Chic Style!


It’s a new week and we are in the midst of Spring and what better way to celebrate that with none other then a brand new outfit with spring-fresh vibes and of course a splash of pink! I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Great Plains for today’s post and here I am styling this stripe top and these soft pink, high waisted trousers, both of which are by this contemporary, modern and chic brand. I remember one of my favourite shops that was once in the town that I live near, used to stock Great Plains and it was a brand that I really came to adore and even bought a few pieces over the years. They always deliver modern essentials that feel luxurious and look effortless in the best kind of way and so needless to say I was very optimistic about styling a couple of their pieces.

The look was simple because the good cut of both trousers and top didn’t need fuss, just a few bold accessories and I was good to go. Originally I was going to choose a more natural backdrop, I was thinking an open field but something just wasn’t connecting and so as crappy as the village is where I live for photo settings, what it’s not short of is pink houses and you know, when in doubt, choose pink! The pink backdrop set the look off perfectly but it was my dear friend Georgia who really did an exceptional job of capturing these shots. I am blessed to have talented people around me who are able to take my photos for me.

Final Note: This look really was so comfortable to wear and I felt so confident wearing these pieces and I feel as though it’s one of those outfits that I could wear time and time again without ever growing tiresome of it.

I hope you like todays post! Have a great week,

Take care,

Daniella xox



GREAT PLAINS Oversized Stripe Top 

GREAT PLAINS Crepe high Waisted Trousers

(old)  Bangles)

(old)  Elizabeth & James Sandals

Bag Via Vantage at No. 7


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