Today’s Look: Spring Green



I just love how perfect this light knit is practically almost the perfect spring green colour. It’s rather old now, I bought it from Cos years back, COS has always been great for creating timeless pieces with a modern difference, though admittedly I haven’t bought anything from there in almost a year. It’s one of those shops that I always look at online and like a lot of their pieces but never really buy them and then every now and again I do and they are the pieces that I retire to wearing time and time again.

I also re-discovered this old necklace of mine, I know it’s kinda 2010 but I found it to be the just the right piece to finish and personalise this casual look. In fact you might see this necklace pop up again in the near future because it may just be making a much needed come back!

Take care,

Daniella xox







(old) Cos Knit

(old) House Of Harlow Necklace

(old) Toshop Jeans

(old) Warehouse Mules


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