Finally Trying The OTK Boots!




I hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday Monday. We are keeping it mostly relaxed but hopefully we are going to go out and find somewhere nice to eat later.

Okay can we talk about these boots, you may remember they first appeared on the blog HERE and well today is the first time you can see me styling them! Let me take you way back to about 2009 and I remember contemplating getting a pair of boots from Topshop and it was between two styles. Style 1. a knee high pair of boots and style 2. a thigh high pair of boots. I played it safe and went with a classic pair of knee high’s, with the conclusion that the thigh high pair would probably just end up looking super dated and really quickly. Ever since then the over the knee boots have kinda stuck around or at least I believe they have and therefor I could have really got the thigh highs all those years ago but you know, hindsight and all that.

So fast forward to now and I have finally invested in a pair of over the knee boots. Not just any pair, no, a pair of patent otk boots! Talk about subtle! You should see some of the looks I get in the small minded town that I live in! I get it though, they also slightly remind me of hooker boots too. But I love them and they were very affordable. I have to say though, they do feel far from usual taste and it’s taking me a little time to get used to wearing them just because in life they do feel like i’m making a real style statement. All that said though and I am loving creating looks with these black beauty’s and I hope you like how I styled them too.

Take care,

Daniella xox








(old) Stella McCartney Night Dress – love this HEREHERE

(old) J.Crew Long Sleeve Top

(old) Topshop Clutch Bag

Mango Over The Knee Boots – ON SALE HERE



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