Birds On My Back: Styling The Dressing Gown





Its Good Friday and I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Easter and hopefully you’ve got some time off work so you can fully relax and enjoy the long weekend! Conan (the boyfriend) took yesterday off too and so we are lucky enough to have each others company for five days.

This look was actually photographed last year and I remembered that I hadn’t yet posted them for whatever reason, so no I haven’t chopped my hair and added a fringe, though I gotta admit it’s making me think of adding a fringe again! This bird print dressing gown that I am wearing, is one of my favourite stand out pieces and I bought it from my friends shop at the beginning of Autumn last year and I am sure now the spring has hit and summer is on it’s way, i’m hoping to wear and style it into my looks a lot more often now. I also believe it look great worn as a cover up over a bikini, now I just to book a holiday/vacation.  Though this was worn in the later part of last year, I think it translates quite easily into spring too, minus the turtleneck. A pair of strappy sandals could also work a treat and bring a cool contrast to the hoodie incase you are fed up with wearing boots! As you can tell from Tuesdays post I am not (see here).

I’ll add some links below for some great alternative pieces to create a similar look, if you’re interested in checking them out….

Take care and once again, have a great Easter if you’re celebrating it.

Take care,

Daniella xox




One Hundred Stars Bird Print Dressing Gown – love this HERE

Topshop Hoodie – similar HERE

(old) Topshop Jeans – similar HERE

(old) Topsohp Snake Print boots – cool style HERE

Vintage Bag



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