Shopping: These Three Boots




When I think of Spring style, I guess I instantly think of the classics, floral prints, bare legs, summer dresses, light layers and shopping for summer sandals. But for some reason, I cant seem to stop buying boots! I’m not just talking ankle boots, which you know, are okay in the spring because you can wear them in a way you wish you could have worn them in the winter. No, i’m also talking knew high as well as over the knee boots. I mean they don’t exactly scream spring but my thinking was that here in the UK we more often then not,¬†experience quite a cool spring and so I figured I would/will still get a fair bit of wear out of them before having to store them away for good, or just until the Fall. Don’t judge me I cant help what i’m drawn to and I look forward to showing you how i’ve gone about styling them.

Take care and let me know your favourite pair, if you have a favourite that is!

Take care,

Daniella xox






Sam Edelman Snake Print Boots

Topshop Metallic Ankle Boots

Mango Over The Knee Boots



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