Today’s Inspo: Heavy Metals



The first time I seen these metallic ankle boots was on the topshop website a few days before I went to London for fashion week. I instantly WhatsApped my mum with an image of the boots because you know, I was already obsessed and I had to share that with someone and that’s usually my mum.

Once I was in London, I couldn’t let the trip go by without popping into the amazing Oxford street topshop store, its like a world of its own in there! If you’re ever visiting London, don’t forget to check it out. Anyway, as soon as we entered the abyss that is that topshop store, there they were, instantly greeting me on the first maniquin I see. I loved them even more in person, they were so shiny, my inner magpie said. But I didn’t get them as I hadn’t budgeted for them in out London Trip. Over the next couple of days I had spotted them on a few of the fashion week folk and all I could picture was how I would style them.


A few weeks later and I made them mine. I can’t wait to show you some looks with them!


Take care,


Daniella xox






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